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Kafeneion 这个名字取材于希腊最初的咖啡馆,被称为 kafenio,但其外观不会因刻板印象而改变。 “我们不是在这里取笑希腊文化,”克里斯托普洛斯说。

这个空间将被新的桌子、餐具和艺术品所改造,这些艺术品将传播一个随和的食堂外观,部分灵感来自希腊世纪中叶的现代主义。(点击图片阅读 Emma Breheny 的全文 - The Age

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随着万众期待的 Kafeneion 准备开门营业,墨尔本人可以期待一场期待已久的希腊美食之旅。第三代经营者 Con Christopoulos 和 Stavros Konis 专注于慢煮拉德拉菜肴、精心挑选的酒单以及对负担能力的承诺

里士满备受推崇的 Salona 餐厅旨在将客人带到希腊充满活力的街道,在墨尔本市中心提供地道的希腊待客之道和美食。(点击下图查看全文)

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A few weeks ago, when asked to write about what makes Melbourne’s dining scene so wonderful, my main argument hinged on one key element: a sense of place. I wish, for the sake of that article, that I’d had the chance to eat at Kafeneion before I began writing, if for no other reason than it is a perfect example of that ineffable quality to which I was referring. This restaurant is so very of its place, so very Melbourne, it makes me swoon.

(Click image for full article by Besha Rodell)

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